We all believe in sunshine, rainbows, low carb acai smoothies and lots of free love. But sometimes you have to put dreams aside and face reality: On a rainy day it’s mostly just warm beer and paid love.

Because only few pretty people want to put up with that ugly truth, we like to keep it in the family and share the blame with our own gang. We believe being a part of the “DOJO Worldwide International Prestige Network” gives us everything we need, in order to give you everything you need.
Plus: It helps us getting rid of all that warm beer.

Come meet the gang!



DOJO is our godfather of concept, and our bigger sister at the same time. They are known for being known – and for making you offers you can’t refuse. They gave us what we needed, when we were born. Just like any go(o)d father would. Thanks, dad!

MUSCHI KREUZBERG is our urban hype factory and street label.
It helps us reach the coolest kids in the freezer, interesting celebrities and an uninterested street cast; maybe even extending our common project into touchable products and untouchable press stories.

PALM BEACH is our sometimes drunk, but ever lovely aunt.
She helps us concept potential launches together, event series, viral happenings and most importantly spray tanning sessions.
So we can always look pretty for you.

Have we mentioned that we do everything for money?
Obviously only to support our own lovely NGO charity project
ONE WARM WINTER. Every year we collect money and clothes to help our homeless brothers and sisters.
Because if that isn’t street what is?

Want to talk? Let’s get a Döner at MUSTAFAS GEMÜSEKEBAP and spend the rest of your money on something shiny.